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Pam's Top 5 Tips To Success in Graduate School

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1. Choose a school that fits your needs.
In choosing a school find a school that fits you and your needs... and I mean all your needs....financially, academically and also socially (consider whether or not the students/faculty in the program are people who promote growth in fellow colleagues/students or if there is a spirit of unhealthy competition within the department).
2. Learn to manage you time efficiently.
This will be important in your first year (when everything including the kitchen sink is thrown at you) as well as the rest of your time so using your time efficiently allows you maximize the things you are able to accomplish/complete daily.
3. Keep pushing
The saying goes that nothing worth having is easy to get… with that being said obtaining a professional degree is NOT easy. And if you never reach a point where you question your decision to take on such a task, you are doing something wrong. But in the end you must stay positive and always look for the good in all things you encounter because what doesn't break you only makes you stronger.
4. Take time for you.
They say when you are in graduate school… it is your life…. The reality is that while you are in school… life goes on….graduate school tests your ability to be self-motivated independent thinkers… But if in doing all that thinking you forget to take care of you….well how I see it is that you are no good to your advisor if you are sick (physically or mentally) or dead (too extreme?).. what I am basically trying to say is to be sure to take time to do things that keep your overall wellness up to par….Eat well, exercise, take a break if you need one, make wise decisions, and take time each day to pray/meditate/reflect and give your mind a break…its been working all day!!!
5. Don’t compare your journey to the journey of others.
Everyone’s road is different. Thus one thing you may struggle with may seem easy to someone else or vice versa. It’s normal to experience not so pleasant patches in your journey…focus on how to overcome those road blocks in your own journey versus wondering why others aren't experiencing the same thing.

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