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NOBBChE's Stress Management

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1 NOBBChE's Stress Management on Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:25 pm

The NOBBChE event introduced to students the topic of stress and stress management. We discussed common causes of stress and more so on college students. To give students a clear perception of effects of stress, we were even presented a cartoon. I took away that stress is common. Natural biological processes trigger negative responses when your body experiences high levels of stress. This can be reflected in your school work which no one wants. So, how do we deal with this monster? First step back, and recognize that you're stressed. Look for symptoms of stress and stressors. Do you have any? No worries, began to eliminate these things. Now, avoid unhealthy ways of coping with stress, such as oversleeping or over-eating. Think about prioritizing what's on your to-do list and avoid procrastination as much as possible. A major point that stood out to me is to let go of what you cannot control. Finally, let's rethink stress. Tackle stress from a different direction. Try new coping skills like breathing, finding a happy place and talking it out with a close friend or relative. Stress is conquerable. You can defeat it so take control and have a stress free semester!

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