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1 USDA Summer on Fri Jul 11, 2014 7:15 pm

Hey you guys!
I just completed the 6th week of my 10-week internship at the USDA southern research center in New Orleans. I have been enjoying my time there, and it is interesting to be in a different city for the summer. I am working under Dr. Matthew Gilbert, and it is a different experience doing research full-time as, with more hours in a day, the learning comes quicker. I learned how to do quantitative PCR and I do a lot of qPCR runs on a fungal species, Aspergillus flavus. I am mostly involved in molecular biology working with the fungal genome, but sometimes I had some practice with plating, media, dilutions, and I even spent a little time in the greenhouse. One of the most memorable things that I’ve had to do was grind A. flavus-covered corn kernels to a power form while keeping it cold by constantly adding liquid nitrogen to the mortar.
Alexis Payne

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